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Based in Sydney, MoneyBuddy is a business owned and operated by IBIS Group Pty Ltd (ACN 114 205 551), an authorised credit representative (number 431794) of Pingtree Pty Ltd ACN 159 893 491 (Australian Credit Licence number 434380). MoneyBuddy is a financial information website.

MoneyBuddy employs a team of people interested in presenting personal finance information in a useful, easily-digested format.

  • Provides jargon-free information about many aspects of personal finance
  • Covers home loans, credit cards, car loans, personal loans, bank accounts, calculators and more
  • Features a local business directory for finding local business experts near you
  • Gives you the info you need to keep abreast of developments in the Australian personal finance industry

We provide general info to help you make informed decisions about your personal finance, however we don’t endorse particular products or provide personal advice.

The details of the products provided by range of providers is set out on our website. The information about every provider in the market is not set out for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that some providers choose not to allow that information to be displayed on this site. In some areas the range of providers is simply too great for us to display them all in a manageable fashion.

We do not compare products; we simply present to you information provided by credit providers in a form which we believe is more easily digested by you than obtaining the information yourself from credit providers.

Apart from giving you the ability to filter results (by for example setting the loan amount), we do not collect any information about you. We do not make recommendations about the products for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we don't know enough about (and don't ask for) your personal circumstances to make that recommendation. Any decision about the suitability of product will be made by you.

Product comparison

We make make it easy to compare financial products by offering:

  • An easy to use "Product Finder" search tool
  • Clear results tables
  • The ability to browse all products

We source our product data directly from institutions/providers and we keep this data as current as possible, however you should always check with the providers and read the full product disclosure statement before signing up for anything.

Local businesses near you

With our "Find a local business" search tool you can:

  • Locate loan brokers or financial advisors in your area
  • Contact specific local businesses or allow us to match you
  • Search for local businesses specialising in home loans, car loans, personal loans, and financial planning

How we get paid

We do not charge visitors to use the site. We receive income from two sources. The first is that we may be paid a referral fee by a company who you contact from our website. If you click and "apply now" link on our website, you may be redirected to a financial institution's website. If you then choose to apply for a product, the financial institution may pay us a referral fee - this is primarily for referring savings and transaction account products. You are under no obligation to apply for financial products because you have used our website. We do not provide credit assistance or receive a commission for consumer credit products.

The amount of the referral fee may vary between companies, but we do not arrange the listing of these companies in any way in accordance with the amount the referral fee to us may be.

The other source of income is that  we allow certain advertising on this site for which we are paid a fee. The amount of advertising by an individual company has no effect on the prominence that the company receives in any listing of its products on this site.

How the order of products on this site is determined

We present lists of products for you to compare. It is necessary for those lists to be presented in an order. The order that products are displayed in our comparison tables does not reflect any rating, endorsement or ranking. When comparing the products on our website you need to take into account your own financial situation and objectives. The order the products appear is determined randomly in and endeavour to ensure that no product receives an advantage over any other

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